Book Recommendations

Book recommendations for Bitcoin, blockchain & co.

Good books, articles or videos about cryptocurrencies are pretty rare. That's why book recommendations for Bitcoin, Blockchain & co. are so valuable. Some books are very technical and are very hard to understand for readers who don't have any programming knowledge. Whereas others have trivial and/or wrong content.

A lot of books were quickly hacked together during the price bubble

While books on Bitcoin, blockchain & co. were pretty much nonexistant in the first half of 2017, the amount of offers practically exploded in the 4th quarter of 2017. Unfortunately, many of them were obviously hacked together in a short time and don't contain any useful information. These books don't provide any value for readers, which is why this blog only recommends titles that do. All the others are left out. It's not worth it to read them or even to talk about them. Those books that are worth reading will be presented here.
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