Bitcoin nonsense - most people don't have a clue

Unfortunately, bitcoin nonsense, blockchain nonsense and simply crypto nonsense in general can be seen, heard and read in various media every day. Whether it's written or spoken, it's bitcoin nonsense even if it comes from people who present themselves as experts, but who really don't have a clue. I became fed up with this and that's why I decided to uncover this nonsense and created this category.

People spread a lot of "nonsense"

This category contains all the "idiotic" articles that are being spread on the internet and via traditional media every day. In this young industry, not a day goes by without someone spreading some nonsense about Bitcoin - this blog will help you separate facts from fiction. This distinction is very important, because only with the right knowledge can you safely decide whether you should and want to invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum or other cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin offers people the possibility of financial sovereignty, with all its advantages but also all its risks. That's why it's better if you know which information is good and which is bad.
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