Private Keys

Private keys are the most important elements of a blockchain system

Always keep this fact in mind with everything you do in the blockchain. Only then can you be completely safe and only then can you understand how our world will work in the near future. Private keys are vitally important!
  1. Always make sure that you’re the only person who has access to the private keys for your crypto values (Bitcoin & co). Always! Only you and no one else!
  2. Only trust public blockchains with many completely independent nodes.
  3. The computer source code of a trustworthy blockchain system is always publicly available and can be viewed and used by anyone.
The private keys are literally the keys to all the values you own. They are your private keys, your own keys. In other words:

Whoever owns the private key for a value that is registered in the blockchain can transfer this value

Put another way: Whoever has access to the private key of a Bitcoin account that contains 1,000 Bitcoins can send these out at any time. This can only be done with the private keys. There is no other way! As a result, anyone who knows this private key can do this. The blockchain doesn’t check any IDs or signatures. Things are different with the public key and the Bitcoin address. Under no circumstances, not even with the help of AI, can they be used to calculate the private key.


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