Exciting Bitcoin stories

This category contains interesting and funny stories around Bitcoin, the blockchain and cryptocurrencies, in other words Bitcoin stories. Even though Bitcoin, and therefore also blockchain, has only been invented less than 10 years ago, there are many exciting and also funny Bitcoin stories. Obviously, there are also sad Bitcoin stories – one example is Bitcoin Cash. These stories add some flavor to the blog. Bitcoin is used in the drug and weapons trade. True. Cash is used in the drug and weapons trade. Also true. Diamonds are used in the drug and weapons trade. True again. There are things you simply have to accept. Trading of drugs, weapons and even persons has been around since the beginnings of mankind, and will exist for a very long time into the future. Just like other illegal businesses – from the black market for cigarettes to VAT fraud: criminal activities in the area of so-called “white collar crime”, which describes economic crime.

Despite all the Bitcoin stories, the number of criminals is neither bigger nor smaller

Similarly, serious crimes and capital crimes won‘t disappear. People will continue to be scammed, mugged, robbed, blackmailed, abducted and murdered by criminals. There’s no way to stop this other than to ban it by law, have the police solve crimes and persecute the criminals to bring them to justice.
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