Worth reading

Books about Bitcoin and blockchain that are worth reading

Every now and then, you find books about Bitcoin and blockchain that are actually worth reading. In 2017, you were still able to find many stories in the specialized media (meaning either financial or computer magazines) in which the authors demonstrated their ignorance, but this has changed in 2018. Publications on Bitcoin and blockchain that are truly worth reading are now rather the rule than the exception - although mistakes are still being made. In general though, things are improving.

The mainstream media still lags behind

Things are different in the mainstream consumer media. You'll be hard-pressed to find something truly worth reading in the "Sun", but unfortunately also in the "Daily Telegraph" or even in the "Times".  Things are improving here as well, but these media unfortunately still fall for false reports, for instance that countries or central banks now issue their own cryptocurrencies and are thereby killing Bitcoin. That is obviously nonsense, because central banks cannot create currencies that cannot be censored or manipulated and that are stable, international and independent - that is an oxymoron.


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