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Crypto investments and cryptocurrencies

While digital money has been around for a while now, cryptocurrencies are relatively new. For example, online banking or shopping online is a form of digital money and trade. However, it is not safe. It can fail or be hacked at any time. Any kind of manipulation is conceivable.

That is not the case with crypto money—or at least those that are properly structured—meaning they are neither vulnerable nor open to manipulation. That makes them especially safe and trustworthy.

Are Cryptocurrencies anonymous?

Crypto money can also be operated anonymously, while digital money is always monitored by the state and secret services. If desired, digital money can also be stopped, and it has been known to happen. State cryptocurrencies do not exist and will not exist, as the value of a cryptocurrency is a result of its independence from states and banks.

The token economy is another important factor for consideration

The Token Economy

How are the tokens paid in used? The token economy is another important factor for consideration when trying to evaluate a good investment opportunity.  Who gets how many tokens, and ...

The Advisor Ploy

Too many advisors With ICOs, an advisory board is often quickly founded and announced, which is intended to act in the role of advisor for the project. The existence of ...

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